Monika Tschuggnall

"I help people to discover, see, and remove what’s holding them back from revealing their wholeness and sharing their passion."

My lifelong journey of self-development helped me to overcome various challenges and to embrace my true, authentic self, and my worthiness for love, money, and success.
This journey led me to my passion and mission in coaching and therapy.

My goal is to help people get rid of what’s holding them back, to re-discover their true, authentic selves, and to empower them to thrive while attaining abundance and success in any area of their lives. 

My journey out of a life without purpose and sense, overcoming codependency, toxic relationships (including to myself), autoimmune disease, and many other challenges led me to yoga and meditation, and while they provided relief, it wasn’t until I discovered hypnosis and RTT that I truly broke free from my biggest limiting beliefs and fears.

RTT helped me remove these mental obstacles and now, with yoga and meditation still an integral part of my life, for the first time I live without these subconscious limiting beliefs that once sabotaged me, and I can finally embrace my worthiness for love, money, and success.

I made a conscious decision to transform my life. I found freedom, independence, and purpose – Now, I’m here to help you do the same!

Working with me, I’ll meet you where you are in your journey. Whether you’re feeling stuck and super low or just eager for more growth, I am ready to guide you toward a life of authenticity and abundance in any aspect of your life.

Let’s transform your life together!

What makes me different… ​

I combine my diverse experiences, educations, and trainings, which I have been taught by top experts from different disciplines all over the world.

I am an RTT-Therapist and Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, RTC- Coach, Entrepreneur, Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher. The uniqueness of my services is the holistic approach I offer. Looking back to decades of studying, self-development, trainings, webinars, and courses, all around to heal myself and others, gave me a multidimensional perspective on how to help my clients.

In my experience, we need to work with a holistic approach to healing our mind and body. I have tried to work only at the physical level and then only at the mental level, only with the conscious mind and only with the subconscious mind. None of those approaches works efficiently enough if we separate them. 

Now I merge my experiences and approaches together and work on a multidimensional level, on a psychological, physical, mental, and emotional level.

My diverse experiences allow me to go to the root cause of the problem instead of treating the symptoms and to also use our breath and body to really get rid of the trauma that is stored in the body. 

My work is deep and unique, and I dedicate with love and passion a lot of time and energy to my client’s unique needs.

Everyone is unique and went through a unique story of development and trauma. That’s why I spend a lot of time investigating and identifying what the client really wants and how their mind is working, what’s holding them back and how we can get rid of that. 

By using Coaching and RTT-Therapy I work with the whole spectrum of conscious and unconscious mind. I identify any harmful thought and behaviour patterns and interrupt them by using RTT-Therapy and eliminating any subconscious blockages. 

After getting rid of what was holding my clients back, we are using the power the mind to develop a unique strategy to build their exciting future.

I believe everyone needs someone to hold on to in their healing journey and that’s why I offer exactly this to all my clients. I provide support and help throughout the whole transformation journey even in between the sessions.

My methods combine everything I have studied and learned in the past including techniques for the mind, psyche, body, and spirit.

As a mother and entrepreneur, I know how it feels to juggle between career and family. I found ways and techniques to enjoy both. I love being there for my son and my husband, and in my work for my clients. Holding space for clients, listening, and developing strategies to get rid of anything that’s holding them back is my absolute passion. As well as spending time with my family. Now I’ve finally discovered methods to balance and enjoy both. And these methods are now helping my clients too.

But as every coach and therapist knows giving your best to your clients requires a lot of energy. Self-care and discipline is essential. I have developed ways to maintain my energy level, recharge myself, and be in the best form to be able to serve my clients best. Now I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and therapists to do the same and offer their services from a strong base of self-care, self-discipline, and self-love so that we all together can make a big difference in our own and our client’s lives.

I was trained by Marisa Peer personally in Los Angeles. This gave me not only the opportunity to learn directly from the founder and inventor of RTT and RTC personally, but also to really dive deeper into the topic through intense and high-quality training.

And I keep on studying, learning, and growing ever since by having top coaches and teachers around me and through my never-ending story of growth, self-development, and continuous learning.
I am dedicated to lifelong learning. My learning arose through many unconventional life experiences. I have lived and learned my life lessons in many different countries all over the world (including on a sailing boat in the middle of the Atlantic). 

My earliest try to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and wisdom, to understand human thinking and behaviour, ancient knowledge and wisdom, as well as my love for humans, literature, and philosophy, led me to my master’s degree in philosophy. 

Since then, I’ve tried so many different ways to find my passion. I’ve worked in various fields, from gastronomy, sales, and the beauty industry, to being a publisher, apprentice, manager, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, coach, and therapist. 

I’ve lived in different corners of the world and faced numerous ups and downs, including fears, struggles, anxieties, autoimmune diseases, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and relationship issues. All these experiences have shaped me, taught me invaluable life lessons, and led me to a life-changing insight: If you stop looking outside to find your passion, and instead look inside of you, then you will find it and you can live an authentic, fulfilled life full of purpose. 

Your passion leads you to your purpose and mission, and once you know your purpose and your mission, you’ll experience success in all aspects of life – self-love, relationships, personal growth, finances, and career.

I’ve finally discovered that my mission is coaching and therapy, helping others find their authentic selves and unlock their full potential in every area of life.

That’s why I am now a Certified Hypnotherapist, RTT-Therapist and Practitioner, RTC-Coach, Therapeutic Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher. 

I dedicated the last 20+ years to learn everything I could about healing the body and mind. I did 100+ hours of webinars, read uncountable books, and studied uncountable hours about the mind, body, and self-development. Topics like yoga, breath-work, meditation, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), epigenetic, cognitive behaviour therapy, Coaching and Hypnosis, and everything around the human mind and body shaped my journey. And all that is what I now offer with great passion to my clients on their way to success.

Certified RTT Hypnotherapist
RTT Rapid Transformational Therapist
RTC Rapid Transformational Coach